At Twisted Bit Ranch, we are committed to providing exceptional horse boarding services that go above and beyond basic care. We understand that every horse is unique, and we are dedicated to accommodating their individual needs. In addition to providing spacious and well-appointed stalls, daily turnout, and top-quality feed and care, we also offer a range of extra items to enhance your horse's experience. From personalized feeding programs to customized exercise plans and additional grooming services, we strive to create a comfortable and enjoyable living arrangement for your equine companion. Read on to discover the additional services we offer at Twisted Bit Ranch.

Ground Work 

30 Minute Lunging Session - $30

1 Hour (Combo of Lunching and Desensitizing) - $75

30 Minutes Problem Area Work - $45

Training Rides 

30 Minute Ride - $60

1 Hour Ride - $90

45 Minute Trail Ride - $80

Custom Packages Available by request


Basic Bath  - $40

At Twisted Bit Ranch, we believe in keeping your horse not only healthy but also looking and feeling their best. That's why we offer a basic horse bath service that includes shampooing and fly spray application. Our experienced staff will ensure that your horse's coat is thoroughly cleansed using high-quality equine shampoo, leaving them fresh and rejuvenated. Additionally, we understand the importance of protecting your horse from pesky flies and insects, so we will apply a reliable fly spray to keep them comfortable and free from annoyance. Treat your horse to a spa-like experience with our basic horse bath service at Twisted Bit Ranch.

Deluxe Bath  - $75

 Our deluxe grooming package takes your horse's well-being to the next level. We begin with an all-over shampoo and conditioning treatment, using high-quality products to cleanse and nourish their coat. Our skilled grooming experts gently detangle the mane and tail, leaving them soft and manageable. We finish with fly spray for added comfort and a thorough hoof treatment to maintain optimal hoof health. Trust Twisted Bit Ranch to provide exceptional grooming that goes beyond the basics, ensuring your horse looks and feels their best.

Basic Brush  - $15

Pamper your horse with a little extra TLC by treating them to our quick all-over groom. Our skilled grooming team will use a combination of hard and soft brushes to give your horse a thorough and efficient grooming session. This thoughtful touch will ensure that your horse receives the care and attention they deserve.

Deluxe Brush  - $25

Indulge your horse with our deluxe brush package, featuring an all-over groom that includes a curry comb, hard and soft brushes, combing of the mane and tail, and finishing with a hoof pick. Our experienced grooming experts will use the curry comb to remove loose dirt and hair, followed by the gentle yet effective use of both hard and soft brushes to ensure a thorough clean. They will then carefully comb through your horse's mane and tail to detangle and enhance their appearance. Finally, our team will give special attention to the hooves, using a hoof pick to clean and maintain their health. With our deluxe brush package, your horse will enjoy the ultimate grooming experience.

Basic Mane & Tail Braid  - $15

Allow our skilled grooms to elevate your horse's appearance with a classic mane and tail braid, ensuring they always look their best. Our experienced team will braid the horse's mane and tail, creating a neat and polished look that enhances their overall beauty. By entrusting this task to our grooms, you can be confident that your horse will enjoy a stylish and well-groomed appearance.

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